Customer Data Sheet

Let Us Get To Know You Better

Recently signed up for service or have updated information? Fill out the below form so that we can get to know your family, home and expectations!

House Cleaning Service in Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do We Ask For This Information?

When you sign up for recurring cleaning services, we get to know your family and your home. You may have preferences on products used, special tasks you would like done, or special information on how we should enter your home. By informing us about your home and your family we are able to better serve you.

Is My Information Secure?

Yes! We take privacy very serious. We will never share your information and keep it safe and secure.

What If My Information Changes?

If you would like to change your scheduled cleaning date or frequency, please contact us at 763-225-7757 or If your preferences or information has changed you can fill out an updated customer data form as many times as necessary.

Do I Need To Submit This Form Online?

No, not at all! When you first sign up for service you will receive a welcome folder with a copy of this form. You can either fill the form out online or fill the hard copy out and leave it for your cleaning team. Whichever works best for you!

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