Getting Started With Essential Oils

Getting Started Essential Oils

There are many essential oil companies to choose from, but only Young Living is 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils there oils are certified 100% pure from seed to seal. This is why we Only use Young Living Essential Oils at PurClean.  If you would like to have your own oils to diffuse in your home on off cleaning days and the many other benefits you can get from them, then here is some information on how to get started.

You can order Young Living Essential Oils in one of two ways: as a Member or Retail Customer. Retail customers pay FULL retail price. We do not recommend enrolling as a retail customer. If you would like to try an oil, our technicians are equipped with the starter pack oils.

Members get a 24% discount off retail price on every Young Living product.

In addition to the discounted pricing, as a member, you have the option (there is NO requirement or obligation to buy or sell) of sharing the oils with your friends and family and earning a paycheck. If this is something you are considering, please contact us. I will be more than happy to help you get started!

To begin as a Member you start by purchasing a starter kit.

We recommend the Premium Starter Kit, as this is exactly how we got started on our essential oil journey. There are two options to choose from and the only difference between the two kits is the diffuser.

The first option, called the “Premium Starter Kit”  comes with the standard home diffuser. The second option, is the “Premium Starter Kit with Aroma/Bamboo Diffuser” . While the function of both diffusers are similar there are some differences (mainly in looks).

Order therapeutic grade essential oils starter pack

The Premium Starter Kit Includes

  • Ten 5 mL bottles of essential oils including: Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca A.,Peppermint, Joy, PanAway, Purification, Stress Away and Thieves.
  • A diffuser (Home Diffuser or Aroma/Bamboo Diffuser)
  • 5 mL bottle of Citrus Fresh
  • Aroma Glide roller fitment (to turn any oil into a roll on)
  • Two sample packets each of Lavender, Lemon, Peace & Calming, Peppermint and Thieves (to share with friends and family)
  • Two NingXia Red 2-oz. samples (this is a great antioxidant supplement for general wellness & energy)

Signing Up As A Young Living Wholesale Member

1. Click over to the Young Living sign-up page.

2. Select your country and language.

3. Sign-up as a Wholesale Member.

4. Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact info(The reason you are asked to list your social security number is for tax purposes. If you earn over $600/year sharing Young Living Essential Oils with friends and family, you will receive a 1099 in the mail, as it is required by Federal law. Young Living will never share this info with anyone.)

5. Create your password and pin. Write this down, as you will use this, when placing future orders.

6. Select your enrollment order. This is where you can specify which Premium Starter Kit you would like. You must sign up with a kit to become a Wholesale Member. To maintain your 24% discount going forward, you only need to spend $50 each subsequent year. That’s it!

7. Set up your “optional” Essential Rewards Program. Now don’t be confused by this next step. Buying one of the Essential Reward kits is not a requirement to sign up as a Wholesale Member! This is a rewards program you can opt into, to start earning points to redeem for FREE Young Living products. You do have the option of skipping this step by selecting “No, thank you.”

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Essential Rewards.

8. Confirm your order. I have had many folks miss this step and end up not fully checking out. We wouldn’t want that to happen because then you would not get your essential oils!