Gross Filth Cleanup | Anoka, Minnesota

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Gross Filth & Hoarding Clean Ups

PurClean specializes in Gross Filth Clean ups and hoarding cleaning in the Anoka – Hennepin County Area. Gross filth results from the neglect of everyday cleaning that most people perform, this can be due to illness or other life factors. Often times people living in these conditions develop illnesses due to the unhealthy indoor environment. Once the home is properly cleaned and disinfected, the resident will usually find themselves feeling much better.

Typically a residence or property that is found to be uninhabitable because of excessive trash, feces, urine, hoarding, animal waste, mold and mildew, decomposition odors, etc. We take a biohazard response to these matters because of the health and safety risks associated to these types of environments. The air in homes considered unhabitable are typically full of germs and airborne bacteria. We remove all contaminated materials, disinfect and sanitize the property. Wash and wipe down all surfaces including walls and in some cases use a sealer on the walls to remedy the odor problem.


Contaminated Materials Removal

Trash and other items considered to be contaminated is professionally bagged and removed from the property. After the trash removal, typically homeowners feel a sense of relief because the results are visible. This is very rewarding for our trained technicians.

Disinfect and Sanitize Surfaces

After the removal of all trash, debris and contaminated materials, our trained technicians disinfect and sanitize all surfaces of the property.

Trained and Knowledgeable Staff

At PurClean, our team is trained and knowledgeable in not only cleaning gross filth environments, but to disinfect and remove all bacteria on the surfaces and in the air. Rest assure that by hiring PurClean for your gross filth/hoarding clean up, your home will once again be healthy, clean and a safer environment.